Will the Hulk movie become canon Captain America movie material?

This is not really any kind of news update about any future Hulk movie appearances or anything like that; instead this post is just my speculation about what might be in the works with regards to the Captain America movie which is in production and scheduled for a Summer 2011 release. We all know - especially if you read my last post - that there was an apparent glimpse of Steve Rogers/Captain America in a deleted scene of the recent Hulk movie. We alsonow know that the upcominf Captain America movie is supposedly going to be set in World War Two and that it has not been confirmed whether or not the character will be brought into the present day by the end of the Captain America movie or during the in-production Marvel avengers movie.

I understand that the deleted scene of Bruce Banner in the Arctic was pretty much a throw away scene done mostly for the fans as much as for any advancement of the Hulk movie's plot itself. I would also strongly doubt that Marvel had that scene done for any future reference in a future Marvel movie. However, saying that, it wouldn't really surprise me all that much if they were to go ahead and actually use that plot thread in a future movie. Actually it would be interesting to watch if Marvel were to decide to go and use that in the form of some kind of flashback sequence as their way of bringing the character into the present. We can only wait and see.